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If you do get the slides to take, you will probably have to sign a release indicating that you won't hold the originating lab responsible if the slides are lost or damaged.I agree with Barb that you should compose a letter to Dr.If you need to be seen immediately, SHE should convey this to the specialist, who will them make space in his/her schedule.The PCP should be the one who explains all of the tests and their results to you.If you need routine services, the "Doc-in-the-Box" walk-in clinics are a great rapid resource.As you point out, most PAN patients know more about PAN than most doctors, so you either have to educate the docs or find someone else if the docs think they have all the education they need.

What is the role of the PCP in a patient with chronic disease like PAN?

Usually the doctor's office staff will contract you well in advance to let you know what you need to bring. Regan's staff forgot to notify you, and this was the source of his irritation.

The definitive diagnosis of PAN requires biopsy evidence, so that is why the slides are so important.

When I went to my GP with this recent attack of PAN, she wanted to send me to a skin specialist. A nodule has been biopsied before, we know what this is, shouldn't I be seeing a rheumatologist to get prescription for prednisone?

" She answered, "Go ahead and call one if you'd like." I explained that I might need a referral.

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